Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Time:Trip Down Memory Lane

The weather was absolutely perfect last week, a Texas rarity. We met with friends to take the little train ride along the Trinity River. (I love how sort of great my hair looks before the train ride, and at the end of the day... it turns into a flat, yucky, sweaty ponytail!)

We saw turtles sunbathing under the city overpasses.
turtles bridge river architecture
City Nature
trinity river, fort worth, river, city, downtown, landscape, scenic
Cement Waterfall

homeless, pverty
Functional Art
cat, art, city, grafitti
Robotic Graffiti (background of train, it was quite cute, actually, click on pic to zoom)

Later in the day, we met up with the hubs for a trip to Fort Worth Water Gardens. I loved this place as a kid. Then, about 5 years ago next month, a little girl fell in. Her father, brother and friend all died trying to rescue her. Since then, there has been a solemn feeling when you walk that watery grave. A small memorial has been added for the 4 who died and the water depth and pressure and suction have been greatly reduced to prevent further tragedy that would make rescue impossible.

fort worth water gardens, water garden, architecture

In the past week, I have been thrifting and painting like you wouldn't believe. I also got in tons of new goodies for jewelry for my shop, JeweledAmbrosia, so stay tuned...


Little Monarch said...

oh it looks like you had a wonderful day with your family!

vivian said...

what a fun day for you and your family. You are adorable and so is your family! also, you look just as cute at the end of the day as you did at the beginging!

Beach Vintage said...

Can I just say that you have a truly beautiful looking family here! Looks like fun. That older boy looks like he will break a few hearts someday....Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage. xx

Sarah said...

You are so cute Lisa!!!! I totally want to take the girls on that train ride! I think I found the website for it.... but I can't figure out where you get on--where it starts? Can you email me info?

Sarah said...

i think i figured it out! I wonder if you can take babies...

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