Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day To You All!

I love my beautiful Mother's Day bouquet. My honey works for a major shipping co and one stop on his route is a flower shop. Well, they always give him flowers on special occasions for *free* to bring home to me! This bouquet is absolutely beautiful! I even split it up to give some blooms for my sweet mom for Mother's Day as well!

For Mother's Day, we had a lovely lesson at church on words/actions that hurt others, and how we as women may not always know when we can be hurting others. We talked ways we can show love and support to others, and try to see more clearly our own weaknesses and gifts. It was a lovely and uplifting lesson, and we followed it with a yummy Mother's Day brunch of fruits, cheese and crackers and croissant sandwiches.

We then visited my Husband's family (his dad is recovering from heart surgery) and we then came home and made Sheppard's Pie (my fav) with my mom and watched Outsourced. A cute little indie romantic comedy (yes, we did skip any love scene we encountered (there were 2).

mother's day flower bouquet lily lillies

Also, I got my Mom and Mother-in-law cup cozies. They both are always carrying around a drink of some sort wrapped in napkins, so I thought these would be perfect! Unfortunately, they got thrown in a pile somewhere, so I haven't given them the cozies yet, but they will be loved, I know it!

bottled water cozy
Bottled Water Cozy from Cozy Beans

cup cozy
Cup Cozy from Bagel Creations.

A quick word on Mother's Day. Not every woman is a mother. Whether it is by personal choice, or the opportunity just hasn't come yet, whether a woman is no longer a "hands-on" mother who has lost her child through death, spirit or distance, if you no longer have your mother on Earth or really despise the one you have... every woman can celebrate Mother's Day.

It is my belief that woman have divine nurturing tendencies to be mothers. You can be a mother in a sense in your community, in your home, in your prescence or career. Through love, educating ourselves, perservering and honing a sincere desire to help others are ways you can also be a mother. By using our motherlike qualities, we have the power to influence the world for good, one small child, adult, politician at a time.

Here are some free printables and ideas for next Mother's Day for you! Here is a great site for vintage cards, Vintage Holiday Crafts and second post HERE.

vintage flower victorian mother's day card postcard free printable image
Vintage Mother's Day Flower Card from Hub Pages (follow link to view MORE!)

vintage victorian mom mother and child mother's day card free printable
Mother and Child Vintage Card from Karen's Whimsy (click link for TONS MORE!)

vintage retro 70s seventies blue flower power pixie girl cute kitsch mothers day card
70's Mother's Day Card

If you are into Digital Art, here are some Free printables compiled here at DigiFree.

pink black digi digital scrapbook kit free freebie

This next kit isn't free, but it is beautiful, plus the designer, Blush Butter, has some stunning kits on this page!

kid kids craft paper flower bouquet

Cute flower bouquet kid's idea from She Knows

Queen Mom coloring page to print out for your kids at Kaboose

Breakfast in Bed? Here is a fun idea for kids to easliy make homemade butter spread from Zach Aboard.

You need: one jar with a tight fitting screw on lid, a pinch of salt, 2 marbles and
heavy whipping cream filled about 1/2 way. Put all inside jar, screw on lid and let your kid shake it up till it's creamy butter.

I hope your enjoyed your Mother's Day! Remember, next year, keep it simple, fun and easy :)


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Fun stuff. glad you had a great mother's day!

Twice Remembered said...

The flowers are gorgeous and cute cup cozies...that's a neat concept! I hate for my hands to get all cold and wet when I'm I holding a cup!

Work'nPlay said...

Thanks so much for posting links to my Vintage Holiday Crafts blog and Mother's Day hub. The links are much appreciated! :-)


Ashley said...

That Mother's Day bouquet is absolutely beautiful and adorable.

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