Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Things on My Mind

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Tonight, while snacking on copius amounts of [lightly] salted pretzels (following a strawberry and chocolate sundae, naturally), we watched The Visitor. It was really an incredible movie, funny, sweet, sad, touching, frustrating, a good mix of it all.

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Spock pin by the pink samurai

And, while I love the blockbusters like Star Trek (please don't tell me I am the only one who really liked Spock more than Kirk... and seriously, Kirk and his daddy looked almost identical!) a good indie film is almost more gratifying. So, go and Netflix it!

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Also, A Print a Day released her online mag, Parasol a week or so ago, so if you haven't checked it out, go and download it HERE! It is free and inspiring. In her next mag Parasol Review, I even have a little short story in there, but it isn't out just yet.

Design wise, what is on my mind this week? Area rugs. I'm thinking jute, shag, black and white, buttercream, flokati, pale yellow and creme stripes... oh the decisions, esp when on a budget (and 2 toddlers and a dog narrows it down even more). But that is for another post.

Sunday, I gave a talk in church about Forgiveness. It went really well and I was grateful for the opportunity to speak. It is always uplifting to have to teach something that you know you need to hear. If you would like a copy of my talk (well, the jist of it anyways) you can see it HERE. It was largely inspired by the talks “I Will Remember Your Sins No More” by President Boyd K Packer in May 2006 and “Remember Lot’s Wife" by Jeffrey R. Holland in Jan 2009 (or read only version). Great talks, you should check them out (esp the last one if you are married, it's EXCELLENT!)

Take care little peaches,

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love your blog and your etsy shop! just discovered you on a forum post and must follow you now!! come on over and visit me sometime:

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