Thursday, May 7, 2009


child pointing at helicopter

What do you do, to keep your child busy, entertained and educated all at the same time? Here are some blogs with lots of great ideas: Chasing Cheerios, Zach Aboard (they actually live on a boat!) do you know of any other sites? Do share!

Today, we did this and had so much fun. Freeze trinkets in a little plastic container. Dump the frozen block out into a pan. Explain how archeologists dig for historical finds, like dinosaur bones and such. Watch as your little one gets excited over dinosaur bones being buried in the ground! Then, tell him or her that HE/SHE can be an archeologist too!

toddler frozen ice preschool activity

Present platter of frozen finds, an object for picking at the ice, a pipette for squirting water, tweezers fir removing small objects. You can get the kit at Ainsley and Oswald.

I was AMAZED at how much fun he had! We will have to do this more often.

The other day (pre swine flu before activities got canceled), my child went to a safety fair. He got to see a motorcycle puppet cop, a race car, a helicopter and an ambulance! He had fun, and though he was hesitant to pet the horses, he did!

mcgruff safety dog
"Come Shake McGruff's paw"

motorcycle police puppet motorized remote control huge professional
These things were remote controlled and drove and spoke through speakers! Freaked my son out, they did.

horse mounted police child
"Onward, ho!"

child ambulence
Hoping to never need to be this close to an ambulance again.

child boy red racecar convertible
The highlight of the safety fair.

We also took him rollerskating for the first time. Roller World use to be so fun when I was little! But now, it is a total middle and high school skank fest... what happened?! He was a bit terrified at first, but he caught on and loooved it!


What do you do to help your kids get out of the mundane, boring cycle? Esp. indoors, once Texas summer hits, I plan on hibernating, lest I will surely melt.

baby toddler tracheotomy zachery donation

Now, one last thing. Zachary is a two year old little boy who was born with multiple disabilities and is developmentally delayed. He suffers from muscular weakness and cannot swallow. As a result, he has a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. Zachary is under constant medical care and needs occupational, physical and swallow therapies. He has been hospitalized several times, is coming up on his seventh surgery on his hip dysplasia that may help him walk and will need more surgeries in the near future. Zachary is continuing his developmental progress at home with around the clock care of nurses, and his mother. However, despite the devotion of family and friends, the Nemeth family has been financially burdened with countless medical and daily living expenses. They need our help. So Please Open up your hearts and Help Zach stay on Track.

Visit the Caring Bridge website to see how you can help. I know that times are really rough for a lot of us right now. If you can't spare some change, then leave a positive message for the parents to read on their guestbook, or pass the word along. Fast for lunch and don't buy that $6 Taco Bell or Starbucks. $6 may not seem like a lot to us, but it may mean everything to a struggling family who will put it to better use to save their son.


Frenchell said...

your little ones are adorable! lovin' the spikey hair!

Anne said...

Yay for McGruff the Crime Dog! I'm so glad he's still around.

I'll be in prayer for Zach and his family. I don't know how much we could do financially to support them as we're a not-so-wealthy military enlisted family, but I know I can pray with the best of em!

Thank you for sharing!

Little Lovables said...

I know, financial times are so tough right now! Prayers are a wealth of support as well, thank you :)

Aisha said...

I love McGruff!! That is so wonderful that you and your family have such a fun time together! What a blessing :)

I will definately be helping out Zach and his family, as well as keeping them in my are so right, every little bit helps :)

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