Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pretty Blues and Bookworm News

In this crazy heat, with a broken car air conditioner (that is going to cost us $800 to fix), we decided to take our little chitlans swimming. It was baby Caleb's first time and he had a ball. I thought now would be a good time as any to showcase a fitting assortment of yummy blue finds.

Art By Wendy Mermaid Baby and Turtles

Also, if you are a Twilight fan, you will be happy to know that Stephenie Meyer is writing a new book from Edward's perspective, called Midnight Sun. Read this first working draft of chapter one here. Don't read it it you haven't read Twilight, it will ruin it for you!

I am also going to be listing some of my original short stories and poems in my Etsy shop in sweetly scrapped books. Stay tuned... I may cheat and list a discounted pdf email version first.

I really wish I could remember where this beautiful room came from.

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TotusMel said...

Lovely blues!

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