Saturday, June 7, 2008

Necklace Length

I came upon this excellent necklace guide, that tells what certain length necklaces are good for on the QVC website. This info is good for me to remember as a designer as well as for those who wear necklaces, so, here's the scoop! Lengths may need to be adjusted according to your body shape.

Collar (12-13 inches)
Collar necklaces lie snugly around the middle of the neck. They are a must-have when wearing V-necks, boat necks, and off-the-shoulder fashions.

Choker (14-16 inches)
Both classic and versatile, a 14-16 inch choker falls perfectly around the base of the neck. A simple choker necklace matches any outfit and just about any neckline.

Princess (17-19 inches)
As the most popular necklace length, the princess necklace is best suited for crew and high necklines, falling just below the throat. Typically 17-19 inches long, you can wear the princess length as a contrast to low, plunging necklines. Add a pendant for a bold, eye-catching look.

Matinee (20-24 inches)
Longer than the princess necklace, and slightly shorter than an opera length, a 20-24 inch matinee necklace is the right choice for casual or business dress.

Opera (28-34 inches)
Ranging from 28-34 inches, the opera necklace is the longest of all lengths. Wear it as a single or double strand. Perfect for high or crew necklines, its versatility allows the opera necklace to transform from day to evening wear with elegant ease.

Rope (over 45 inches)
Measuring at least 45 inches in length, the versatile rope necklace is a must-have accessory! Elegant and classic, this necklace dresses up any outfit night or day. Often, clasps placed in strategic locations allow this necklace to be transformed into multi-strand necklace or bracelet.

This is a 24 inch necklace I created with rainbow soocho jade, cherry quartz, and a carved rose quartz pendant as a custom order for a wedding. This was heavy, and gorgeous!


Handcrafted by LaMar said...

sounds good though I do not do jewelry I tink this maybe good for other jewelry makers and many women

T.Allen-Mercado said...

This was very informative and helpful, thanks for sharing.

Beadsme said...

Hmmm why do they have to have names for everything!!!???

Little Lovables said...

I guess names are easier than numbers :)

Shirley said...
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Beat Black said...

this is very helpful, thanks for posting it!!

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