Friday, July 19, 2013

Homefront: A New Journey

We are going to be embarking on a whole new adventure! In a few months, we will be packing up and moving from Texas to Washington state. I am pretty sure this makes move # 7 since I have been blogging, but all those moves were within a few hours drive, so this is a big one. All of my collecting and most of my furniture will be going bye bye. Which is interesting, because we have been in this rental house for one year now, and my lovely plate and gallery wall items never came out of the moving boxes. We have only a few things on the walls, ever since our last landlord turned crazy-town on us, we kept this place pretty nail-hole free.

It will be exciting to have a totally clean start. I have been watching episodes of "Clean House" on Netflix to mentally prep me for letting go of stuff. For our last move, I had a huge garage sale (even though  was 9 months pregnant), than took a truckload of goods to Goodwill. Funny that out of all of that stuff we got rid of, I only miss one thing. My three lantern light that my husband mistakenly sold for a single dollar :(

Since my mom is also moving with us, and she also has to storage units full of furniture 6 hours away from us, so that is going to be the most stressful part. Somehow hauling some of her stuff here and trying to get rid of the rest. During times of stress, I just tell myself that in a few short months, all of this headache will be behind us, and we will be enjoying a brand new life, in a beautiful, new place. And even though we will miss some very dear friends here, they will always be a part of us.
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