Wednesday, July 10, 2013

DIY: Saving your Stuff with Embellishments

I am all about camouflaging imperfections in order to renew things to better serve their purpose. From curtains covered in doilies, to clothing, throws, lampshades or purses covered in lace ruffles or fabric rosettes, there are many options out there to save that coveted, ruined object. Have you thrown something out that you later regretted, something that could have been saved by a tiny embellishment? Do you go thrifting to find a shirt that is perfect, except for a small stain or rip? Well, there are plenty of great options to fix that! Fabric rosettes are easy to make and can simply be stitched or even glued on. Over 40 great flower tutorials here!

Doilys can be tea stained for a vintage aging effect. They are easy to handstitch, or can be ironed on using stitch witchery.

signature lisa 180x80 180ppi
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