Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY: How to Add Patina to a Chandelier

A few months ago, I found this semi mangled chandelier on the side of the road next to the garbage. Talk about a curb side treasure! So, I did this manic U-turn, pulled into an awkward driveway and loaded it up. It also comes with those gold lampshades, but we most likely won't use them for now. What is your opinion, shades or no shades? Living in a rental, we can't put this up, besides, it is too big for our place with such low ceilings.

Our Downtown Studio salon is switching the massage and Jacuzzi room, with our large party/lounge area, and I knew this chandelier would be perfect for lighting since it is pretty dark. Pics of our gorgeous set up here! We spray painted the "candlesticks"  black and got some of the vintage candle flame looking light bulbs. I used a patina-like sea foam green color and dry brushed it on for an aged look, and in some parts, did more of a watercolor wash. I am probably going to add a second patina color and then do a little bit of sanding on the "patina" to really age it. We usually don't like the bright gold, but it works in here and really shines up the rustic glam feel. And of course, I want to add strands of drippy prisms from the bottom. It will be gorgeous and I will most definitely include photos of the finished project!

It's not really work when you love what you are doing!

Finished Product! At Downtown Studio Salon's massage and spa room.
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