Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homefront: Living Room Split in Two

Well, we have been here a few months now and I have not actually shown a photo of this whole space aside from small glimpses here or there. Our one living area downstairs is both long and narrow, and we needed to create a few functional spaces here, a play area/computer area and tv area, so I split the room in half. My sis took these photos while she was visiting for Thanksgiving (hence the pumpkin decor), but as of a few days ago, I have already changed a lot of this around and put up our Christmas decor.

I still have some painting of furniture to do, lots of things to put up on walls and those two recliners fabric are in pretty bad shape, so that will need to be dealt with eventually, but so far it is a charming little home that works for us and is ever changing. I have restyled it now into three areas instead of the two shown here, so that will be fun to photograph and post about, but I can enjoy the metamorphosis through these images.

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1 comment:

Jessie said...

I like your furniture layout a lot. :) Love the pink chairs. They look comfy.

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