Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Personal Style: Photo Booth Fun and Beauty Tutorials

Did you notice the lip props in my Valentine decorating post? Last week, our salon participated in a fun event with a Candyland theme. I spent hours working on the props, and these lips were a fun part of the photo booth section. They work perfect for Valentine's Day too!
I did a slight smoky eye and a slight victory roll bang (more exaggerated tutorial here) or a suicide roll tutorial here), with a rather messy and lopsided, loose topknot. I do mine differently with no teasing and much faster than most tutorials, but this is a simple and short one. It took about 45 seconds to do my hair, but my husband gave me lots of compliments :)
She just turned 9 months and loves make-up and dressing up already!

Another fun style to try is this pretty and easy and pretty Sweetheart Braid tutorial by Hairdresser on Fire. The braid is perfect for Valentine's Day! Add a jeweled hair comb or fresh flower for a little bit of romance. Let me know if you try any of these styles!
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