Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This month has been crazy!! If I didn't have carpal tunnel, than I sure do now. Lots of face painting, hair dos, balloon twisting, crafting, young women award night, camping, childhood illnesses and ... oh my! Let's just say, there have been lots and lots of mountains of laundry and dishes, but at least we have been having some fun 'round here.

It is entirely possible you don't know what my costume is. But in person, I was surprised by how many people could figure it out within a few quizzical seconds of looking at my fascinator headband and my flashy, blingy diamond ring. Yep, a trophy wife. Which is seriously the best costume for me ever because it is so far from the truth!

My little bit, angel baby was a cheetah girl, and she was so adorable. She is almost 6 months old and is the sweetest (and fastest) baby in the world. I totally planned on coming up with some awesome homemade costumes for the kiddos, but business prevailed, reality set in, and I went the easy way out. I was thinking of everyone going as a different kind of cloud: tornado, rain cloud, thunder cloud, rainbow cloud... (inspired by this and this costume) but the boys didn't buy it. I was a little relieved not to do all the work. And well... every one was happy, and that is all that is important.

I did make my headband which took a total of 5 minutes and I made the baby's several months ago back when she was a wee, skinny lass.
Face painting at the salon for downtown's trick or treating night. Everyone wanted my face design, so I just came up with a super fast and cute spiderweb tiara type thingy for them since we had a really long line.
I convinced my boys to be ninjas, because they were easy and on super sale. Isaac protested a bit, he really wanted to be The Arrow or Spiderman, but oh well. And to add to my luck, the store sold out of his size in minutes. Caleb wanted to be the white ninja, but they only had the red in his size. The red one is super duper.
green noodle monster by Isaac, white noodle man by Caleb
I did my first magic show in like, a year. I was a little nervous but prepared some cute things and the party was a hit. Fortunately, my baby isn't too scared of my clowny look.
And of course, the balloons and face painting this season was insane, as usual! We premade lots of balloons to bring to events we knew would be daunting. It worked out quite well!
 5 loaded bags weren't enough for my son's school carnival! His class booth sold out of them quickly, and his classroom earned the most money for the school. Yeah! We couldn't make it b/c we went camping that night and the kids weren't feeling too well, so we dropped them off at the school before the carnival.
 I love the cute little Jack-o-Lantern balloon wands I came up with. So did the kids!
My first attempt at a Sugar Skull. She had a specific design in mind, I think it turned out pretty great!

I hope everyone's Halloween was a blast! Now it's time to hide some candy and do some major cleaning before the next holiday rush begins.
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Hook, Line and Sink Her said...

Those balloon animals/punmpkins/ghosts are amazing! Brilliant face-painting too. And your kids are the cutest :)

Katie x

Jessie said...

I can not believe how fast she is growing!!! She is so cute. Love your costume and I do think the sugar skeleton looks good.

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