Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Girly: Ruffles, Lace and DIYing Accessories

One amazing thing about having a baby girl, is the sheer abundance of things that are lacey, ruffley, prancy, fancy and just all around adorable. With a girl, there is no reason to glam her up. You just do and coo. So, most of these lacy rompers and baby legs are not handmade (I even know where to get them wholesale) so it really irks me when I find them on handmade sites, but they are still cute nonetheless and are totally customizable for diy versions, like to add sashes, bows and such. (I also HATE the bubble statement, jcrew knock-off necklaces all over Etsy. These are not handmade, do NOT buy them from Etsy sellers who claim they are hand made! They are bought cheap wholesale at market and it REALLY pisses me off!!) That said, I did buy my baby girl a pair of lace baby legs and a romper and cant wait for her to wear it!

Little headbands are super easy to make, especially nowadays when you can just buy stuff at the craft store and glue it together, but I enjoy taking the time to put things together and sew them up, like the one I made for my lil bit sugar blossom here above. *oh my gosh, look how tiny, that was only a few months ago!!*
 Big flowers are adorable, I prefer them to the side of the head, and with out too much other fluff.
Elisabeth is so styling in the adorable bib her aunt Lindsey made her.
 For this photo, I simply tied stretch lace to fit and added a vintage rhinestone brooch. A more permanent option would be to glue it to a felt backing first for a more wearable and comfortable headband.
The netting style is so adorable and easy to do as well.  by banner boutique

She looks like an adorable birthday cake in little girl form! by K Chic Designs

Baby pink leg warmers by All That Ruffles... I want that pom pom trimmed skirt!
Enchanting embellished shabby girls dress by My Fair Maiden

There are tooons of tutorials on line and pinterest on how to make these things. And for those who prefer to buy instead of craft, there are tons of amazing artists out there that sell online as well. Their creativity amazes me.
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Lara Hejtmanek said...

That picture of her w/the paisley bib & flower headband is adorable! very cute!

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