Friday, September 21, 2012

Inspired Interiors: Justina's Jungalow

Probably one of my most favorite areas ever from Etsy's Get the Look interview. I have some natural toned wood that I keep thinking I need to paint, but I can appreciate it's natural state in that is DOES look good with mismatched pieces in a setting. So, I love figuring out that I am only semi-delusional in this regard.

Really though, the colors, patterns, ethnic prints. Adore it all. But the key is, mismatch doesn't work if it's only one or two pieces. Than it just looks like you can't match. No, you have to throw it to the wind. Keeping other elements natural and airy with a similar color scheme helps.  Also, I love the layering of rugs.

Check out the homeowner's Justina’s blog for even more incredible decorating ideas and to take the full Jungalow tour.

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Jessie said...

This look is really starting to "grow on me". I just bought a bookcase that is wood and I kinda like it the way it is. I usually would paint it, but I am thinking that I may keep it the way it is. Great inspiration!

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