Thursday, September 20, 2012


 Elisabeth (and my mom's) first IKEA experience

Considering making some big ch-ch-ch-ch-changes soon....

Like my hair... ombre, blonde, ginger, dark... ? I've got like 3 inches of regrowth, and some frizz of the universe, so now what? The 'do is in sad, sad shape, which leads me to the next thing.

I'm really looking into going back into the salon after several years hiatus. Exciting, nerve racking, and a really neat opportunity at an awesome place just minutes from me.

Some changes regarding my jewelry... finally in the mood to get organized and with that comes a shift of style and pizazz.

Thinking about donating breastmilk... woah what? I am like a cow right now and it could benefit the sick little babies that need some good ole nourishment. But, how would that work if I go back to work?

*waiting at IKEA'S kids area took for-ever, my boys have been extra clingy lately, which I love*

Hanging curtains in the new house.. really stressful! I got a stencil to see if I can do something note worthy, we shall see. Being on a very, very tight budget is kind of getting old.

Still unpacking, and arranging. Since we share a nursery with dear baby girl, this IKEA idea with the curtain partition was downright awesome. Oh, how to make it work in our space? We have that same crib.

And some other pesky life things that aren't really bloggable, but very much weigh heavily on the mind.


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1 comment:

Jessie said...

YAY! Her first trip to IKEA. I need my haircut also. FRIZZ is an understatement. :( I wish you much luck in your decisions. I know you will always do whats right.

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