Friday, August 24, 2012

Inspired Interiors: Classic Living TV Room

I got lucky when I came across bryn alexandra's post. She showcases a home she was working on that is very similar in concept to what I am trying to achieve. A tv room, with separate nooks and seating areas, storage solutions, gray couches and a huge square ottoman (ours if a coffee table about the same size), that has a classic, modern feel with some pizazz. The flooring is also very similar to ours.

Plus, I want to hang my curtains higher to give this room height, since the room is long and narrow with low ceilings. But then the crtains would be too short. I was toying with the idea of sewing a black edge on the bottom, and her design realizes that look for me in a setting that is similar to mine.

I love the use of blues, blacks and grays with neutral whites. Even though this post is a few years old, it is still a classic styling that gives me some great ideas. She has has some good ideas on getting started along with some 'progress' photos of this room to see how it came together.

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Jessie said...

I really like the look and feel of this room. It seems similar to your style and seems like something you could pull off with your new place! :)

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