Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th!

I hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July! We ate at La Madeline's and went to a huge park with the family. My hubs and I took our balloons and made a lot of flowers, swords and such for kids and earned a little bit of extra cash, while grandma watched the boys play with frogs in the water.

We ended in the line in time to make it back to the family and watch fireworks. Caleb's 4 year old self demonstrated his independence, as he peed a strong stream into the pond during the National Anthem, right as the fireworks show was beginning. (And what an extraordinary show it was!  We parked and took a shuttle there...

...then we had to walk back. The line for the shuttle was so incredibly long and poorly coordinated, that we walked about 2 miles to the car. We left the kids with grandma off at a McD's so they could rest, then we finished the way on our own. We even turned down a small family who offered us a ride... what were we thinking? All I know is that doing this in 98 cent flip-flops was not so enjoyable. But the journey was great and overall we had a fun night! Elisabeth wasn't even phased by the loud fireworks. She just wanted a little nursing (okay, a lot) then she was all fine. I hope your 4th was memorable!

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vivian said...

YOur baby is beautiful! glad you had a nice 4th.. other then the walking!

Jessie said...

Great pictures. She is such a cutie. Loving the red, white, and blue outfit!

The Weekend Artist said...

What an adorable one! You surely enjoyed the fourth of july!

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