Friday, June 29, 2012

Homefront: Massive Roadside Coffee Table

I spied this massive coffee table, hiding under a dirty king size mattress next to a filled garbage can on the side of the road. I told my mom to "stop the car!" and we got out and saved this sucker, (she was worried we were stealing). She held up the mattress while I, in my crazy 9 months pregnant state, slid it out from under. Together, we hefted it into the trunk of my Volvo wagon and prayed it wouldn't fall out as we slowly drove home, since we couldn't shut the door. I had been searching for a sturdy, cheap coffee table and finding one for free is always awesome.

Now, we can all put up our feet, eat snacks, and the boys can destroy it all they want and it's not going to topple. We just removed the iron scrolls since two were missing, and now all it needs is a coat of paint, maybe a neat lace stencil design? This place is getting closer to what I envision it to be every day.

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vivian said...

Hi Lisa, I'm trying to spend a couple hours this morning doing some blog reading and catching up on all my bloggy gal pals. Its been a crazy ride in my world this past couple weeks and Ive pretty much not been able to keep up at all anywhere!
but I wanted to stop by and say hi. Elizabeth is beautiful you are a blessed family.
btw, great findon the coffee table, I would paint it a chippy white if it were mine.
have a great weekend!

Jessie said...

Free is always the best price!!!!! I love it. Great lines. It's so nice to be able to put your feet up. That's why I love my ottoman.

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