Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smoky Corn and Potato Chowder Recipe

isn't he a dreamboat?

I attempted my first ever crazy yummy tamale pie the other day, but when opening a can of corn, I accidentally opened a can of creamed corn. Yuck, how did it even get in my pantry?!

So, I thought, "Hmmm what do I DO with this?" Then, I brilliantly looked at the back of the can and there was a recipe for Smoky Corn and Potato Chowder (more Del Monte recipes here). I figured, "What the hey, I'll give it a try". Honestly, I had my reservations, so I added onions, salt/pepper and used fresh potatoes instead of canned.

It is probably one of the best things I made in a long time, plus it's easy and most ingredients you probably have on hand. Even my kids gobbled it up. Really, it's perfect for the chilly weather, since it's a nice, warm, flavorful, hearty bowl of soup with a perfect blend of texture. Next time I make it, I'm doubling the batch. I wonder how well it will freeze?

yummy topped on Ritz crackers

♥ Ingredients ♥ 
-1 1/2 c milk
-1 can Del Monte Cream Style Golden Sweet Corn
-1 can Del Monte Whole Kernel Sweet Corn, drained
-1 c smoked sausage, halved and thinly sliced (or cubed cooked ham)
-1/2 small onion, chopped (about the size of a corn kernel)
-7 peeled, coarsely chopped potatoes, boiled until tender and drained
(or 1 can Del Monte Whole New Potatoes)
-salt and pepper to taste (white pepper if you want to avoid black flakes)
-1 1/2 c shredded smoked cheddar (or swiss or gouda cheese)
-chopped chives or green onion slivers for garnish

♥ Directions ♥

1. lightly sear sausage in large, sprayed saucepan
2. stir in milk, and cream corn
3. add whole kernel corn, onion and potatoes
4. heat through, stirring occasionally, add salt and pepper.
5. stir in cheese until melted
6. garnish with green onion slivers or chives and serve (I didn't have these, so used Mrs. Dash or something)


Jessie said...

It is funny how things work out sometimes! LOL It does look yummy.

Meekiyu said...

yuck cream corn... but that recipe does look good... huge fan of potato and cheese here =D

Kristina P. said...

Oooh, looks good!

red said...

That sounds yummey! Thanks for sharing this, i'll consider making this too :D

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Chris and Mary said...

Lisa this sounds AWESOME! Thanks for posting it!

Michelle said...

Saying hi from Remodelholic :)
Iv become a fan of using creamed corn in soups too, makes it really creamy and yum.

Mel said...

I love this recipe too! I found it on a canned corn as well but it was because I love cream corn. I actually didn't use cheddar cheese(not a fan), but I did use gouda cheese which is so yummy!

Zia Joaquin said...

Yum, a perfect soup for a cold Winter day! Thanks for sharing.

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