Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm pretty sure we've all seen the millions of pics of embroidery wall art gallery collages that were so popular the last few years (though I'll show some again), but I wanted to focus on some pretty ingenious little embroidery art today. Apparently, there is a whole contemporary world of needlecraft, one such inspiring place that keeps up with it all is MrXStitch.

embroidery hop ceiling art, nursery of lorena and david, featured via design zazzle


woodland fox ornament by humblebea
 this little foxy guy is actually a mason jar lid, but I think the effect is the same.


Angela said...

Loved them all! Thank you for the eye candy!!

Natalie said...

I embroider. This was truly inspirational!

Jessie said...

Very cute post. I love the necklace!

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