Sunday, December 12, 2010

Interior Design Trends For 2011: The Flash Of Luxury Into Your Home

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As we all know, trends are very short-lived. Just like fashion, interior designs are short lived and change every year. A few years back, the color of green was very much common. The color green rose to popularity because it promoted awareness for global warming and being eco-friendly. Hey, we all have to show support to save dear Earth. Each year brings new and flashy trends. Collecting interior design ideas is like putting paint on a canvas. There are no limits to what you can do and how you want to portray your sense of style. The year 2010 has brought out many eye-catching ideas and trends. Individuals and home owners are catching on fast to stay true to their desire for luxury.

Interior designers have moved towards old traditions. They describe this shift in designing as “old is new again”. Vintage and antique pieces of furniture add life to the living space. They make the area come alive with a clever selection of wall paints. If you really want to add a touch of vintage, the best place for you to shop is a thrift store. There, you will get furniture that is worn down through the years, and maybe you can snag a few items. This way your house or any other living area is going to look unique.

Your house is your heaven, and it is even better if you own it. There is no limit to what you can have done and how you can decorate the interior. The year 2011 is about to start off. You need to make sure that you have all the right ideas to help you redesign your house or your living area that is frequently used.

Start off with some colors that the new years will bring. Remodel your bedroom or living room accordingly. If your color of choice will be blue, then there are many shades and tints that you can use. One thing is for sure: when you use bright colors, your room may look a bit smaller. Some say that is cozy and comforting. Others don’t appreciate that fact. Bright colors will add a trendy touch of the year 2011. Bright is in, so color coordinate your walls. Use different shades to make the room look attractive and clean. Have bright lighting to add to the effect.

You have to stay a bit close to the trends of the New Year. Decorators suggest wood floorings and metal storage fixtures. That is quite 70’s, but you know old is gold nowadays. You need to have that extra space effect. Having carpets will make the room or any area appear occupied with everything displayed. Having wooden floorings will ensure that the room is kept spacious and attractive.

Remember the time when wall papers were so common that every single house had paper peeling of the walls. Not a very attractive sight indeed. Paint is in style, having walls painted with synthetic enamel will keep the walls glossy and clean. But here is a tip, don’t overdo it. It looks fresh, but having every room in your house looking glossy will make your house look like a hall of mirrors.

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Jessie said...

Very interesting post! I would love to paint my apartment, but then I would have to paint it back. Maybe just an accent wall?? lol

Kristina P. said...

I need to win the lottery. My kitchen needs a big makeover, and I want to add a mantle to the fireplace.

Little Lovables said...

Kristina, my dear, get a mantel already ;)!

Jessie, one (hot pink in your case) accent wall would be awesome and easy to paint back when you move

Maritha said...

Hot pink would be super matte is also pretty cool :)

lélli lu said...

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You have a very nice blog!
Regards from Brazil!

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oviya said...

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Dona Jones said...

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