Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Gifting Ingenuity

I've been thinking of Christmas, which leads me to budgets but also to character of creating something a person may actually enjoy. I believe that homemade and vintage elements for home decorating, packaging and gifting can be done simply and inexpensively with a bit of ingenuity.

 Vintage Eskimo child and artic animals card, would be adorable matted in a lovely frame with some wintery white german glass glitter accents.

these homemade figurines are easy enough for children, but classic enough to be inspired by antrhopologie.

Purchase a collage board photograph, or create your own. Use momentos of your loved one's cherished items and special things, to create a lovely piece of art.

A visit to Goodwill, garage sales, ebay, your kid's or neighbors toybox, consignment shops and you will be so lucky to find a plethora broken toys beyond repair. Instead of throwing them out, wire and hot glue them to a wreath form for a quirky addition to your child's room or playroom. Or, make a hanging mobile from them, here!

I truly adore this. A rusted, vintage oven grill, used as a memory board, Tie on some lovely mementos, add a few tea stained clothing clips and you have a beautiful find for that junkin' treasure girl.

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Lindsay Neal said...

I love the toy wreath, what a great idea! I just might have to make one of those (or my amateur version)!!!

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