Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homefront: Christmas Mantel

 I would love a larger statue of the kneeling Santa and the baby Jesus.

 I love using reds, aquas and whites for Christmas, though it will change one day.

I love love love trees, I think it would be fun to get one each year.

 My childhood gingerbread house debuts, and this vintage reindeer pair I found at a garage sale is a favorite.

 Ornaments and garland that will be going up on the tree.

My oldest son is almost 5 and has been asking about Santa's 'realness'. I found this book and it ties in the Christ child and the Santa legend beautifully, and explores the historial roots of Santa. For any Christian family who loves tradition, but also wants to keep the focus of Christmas on Christ, this book is a must!
It's called A Special Place for Santa by Jeanne Pieper
I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $10 and it would make a great Christmas gift!

 We found this authentic Chinese drums at Goodwill for an amazing price. they had about 30 of them, so I think a local monastary must have closed down or remodeled around here or something. We got 3 of them!

To see 2009's mantel in my old home, see here. For 2008's mantel in another home, see here.

Post will be linking up with lots of Christmas Mantle parties!


Kristina P. said...

This is darling! It really makes me want to build a mantel onto our fireplace.

Wanesia said...

wonderful ...^^

Caley said...

love this! i wouldn't never been able to put all these things together, but you did a great job! thanks for sharing!

Jessie said...

Very cute. I will have to keep that book in mind for when I have a child. :)

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