Friday, November 19, 2010

Not so Boring Whites

 I just wanted to let the world know, that a room with a mixture of whites, blacks, grays and beige can still be warm, inviting and full of personality. Add a tiny pale splash of any color you wish (like the light blush pillows and throw above) for a touch of warmth and charm.  Need more color? With a white palate, it's easy to add colorful pieces anytime you wish, I like to rotate things out according to my mood and seasons.




Amanda said...

love love love me some white and love that you posted about this because i hate to hear someone say "white is so 'cold'". it absolutely can be warmed up and make a space so crisp and inviting. thanks for sharing!

Kristina P. said...

All these rooms look so chic!

TamStyles said...

and thanks for posting my home...great blog.


pinkstilettos said...

I like the little poster- If I call you darling, will you make me pancakes- Cute!

Away We Go, Clementine! said...

I really love all the inspiration. That cake looks amazing!

Caley said...

i love these! thanks for sharing! {i'm a new follower...i couldn't resist. you're blog is great!}

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