Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inspired Guest: Bret Pendlebury's Vintage Photo Art

I recently discovered Bret Pendlebury when creating my red and blue illustrations post. His work is simple, yet unique and those faces really stick in my mind. Before I ever read his blog, I thought to myself, "those remind me of vintage photos".

His photos focus on his vintage photo collection, primarily the 1930's, but he is open to custom work for portraits from photos of a role model, your parents, grandparents, family, and loved ones. And now, into houses.

He uses many different mediums for his work, ink, colored pencil and permanent marker, acrylics, watercolor, and his canvas is typically on a recylced material.

Some of his characters have a forlorn look, others are a bit more chipper. All unique and what I really want to know, is does he name them, or are those the names on the backs of the photographs, and will he ever sell prints?

From what he did share is this, "i was raised in coconut grove, a charming neighborhood on the bay in miami, florida. currently residing in the city of brotherly love, philadelphia, pennsylvania. i studied fine arts at new world school of the arts college. recently i have been creating portraits inspired from vintage photos i have collected. i'm influenced by simple raw beauty, traveling, nature & much more. I hope that my work inspires you."

Ruth Phillips

bret's:  shopblogfacebook fan page

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