Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage Toy Museum Bedroom

There is a blog called IMNC with lost of simple inspirations that I found recently. He has a lot of Asian indie film and technical video posts and such that are very interesting. Maybe I'm drawn to it in part because my dad lived in China for a few years and so I have always been fascinated by that culture. I appreciate her dedication posts to her mum as well, since I also lost my dad to cancer several years ago.

But I love his room. A vintage toy museum as he calls it, perfect. It's organized chaos it seems, yet the white walls and bedding and simple shelving makes it work. Visit the link to see larger picture of the collections.

Also, if you love this, you will enjoy visiting the Geek dress up party post too.


Sarah loves it all said...

I adore vintage toys! Wishing she would sell some of her lovelies!

the lovely paper blog said...

love this blog!! so cute and i love all the vintage:)

Kristina P. said...

Very cool! She has a lot of stuff, but it's not too much.

I'm not Creative said...

Hi Little Lovables Designer. Thanks for doing a feature of my blog in your lovely blog. Appreciate it very much. I'm a guy though =)

Little Lovables said...

Thanks, not Creative! Sorry 'bout that, it's all corrected, my guy pal.

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