Thursday, May 13, 2010

Natural Pastel Beauty

In keeping with this weeks accidental pastel theme, I wanted to focus a touch on soft, ethereal beauty. As a stylist and make-up artist, I haven't excercised my creativity lately in this way, so my gift certificate to Ulta will be put to good use this week. (Thanks, Mom!)

To get the look, I wanted to start with this lovely pastel makeup. It's so colorful and soft, the nude lips and simple, swept back hair keep it simple and pure. Tutorials : the pastel look, shimmery smokey eye, dramatic lips and lashes,  white frosted eyes, and dramatic basic black eyeliner.
Why does this pastel smudge work? Because the colors are shimmery, blended, in the same color family with soft lines under the brows, and the colors compliment the eye color. I've seen people attempt to acheive this that end up looking more like mermaid costume club makeup, such as here.

A low, easy, soft double twisted bun would work nicely with such bold eye colors, don't you think? Directions on how to get the look on Cookie Mag here.

Throw on a soft blouse or light sweater, a colorful and chunky bangle in blues and greens,

Add your choice of bottoms, could be anything dressy from a colorful skirt, or laid back such as some lightly distressed cropped jeans with some green vintage espadrills and you are ready to go with your neutrally colorful look.

vintage green canvas wedge sandals shopREiNViNTAGE

*This dressing guide post is included in Kimba's diy day.*

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Kristina P. said...

Gorgeous and romantic.

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