Friday, February 5, 2010

Homefront: Something out of Nothing

I went a-garage sale-ing and found a huge pile of fake berries and such for about $5 (though the bag of awesome Christmas beaded garland was thrown out when I discovered it had a massive cat urine smell). When it came time to create some Thanksgiving centerpieces, I had plenty of stuff to use.

Only there wasn't much of any one kind of pick to pull any actual design concept together. By starting with a base of the berry garlands, and just working my way up, I think the little creations came out very sweet and festive indeed. 

~Arrangement 1~

a bunch of nothingness

a bunch of weird yellow things

pinecones and leaves are nice

a white feathered bird, glittered acorns and a feathered pick adds some balance

~Arrangement 2~

For the second arrangement, I'll spare you the details, but here is my "spread" of choices:
almost finished...

a nest, bird and some berries complete it (though, I wish I had cut off that weird daisy)

~Thanksgiving display, on my overcrowded bar~


* yes, this post is 4 months overdue, but I had to write it so I could delete my pictures ;)  But, the concept here can apply to any season, with any type of riff raff you have strung around the place.  Nester also has some good advice and ideas on making a centerpiece with things you have.


Meekiyu said...

that's pretty darn neat... love the mixture of textures and colors and things set up together. Does make for pretty centerpieces. =)

Nicole said...

Very nice! I like how you show in picture's the process. One question, where do you put the centerpiece when you eat or need to use the space to cook ect? I never make a centerpiece because I don't have a side table. Ideas anyone???

Little Lovables said...

I take the centerpiece and put it on the bar, or on the kitchen counter, then replace it when the table is ready to be set again.
We don't have a side table either.

紅包 said...
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