Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo Editing - Just a Touch

A lot of the colors in my photos turn out just right, but maybe one single bead or charm is way too bright, which can be misleading to potential customers.

Basic editing programs will usually only allow simple retouching or not allow you to pinpoint exactly the item you want to tone down, so the effect is a blanket filter that effects the tonal value of everything in the photo.

pretty, but the color pink is much brighter than the actual item

So, I use Picnik. You can buy a membership for extra features, but this feature is free and easy and an invaluable tool for helping edit your photos.

First, go to "create" on the top tab bar, then "effects",  then choose "sepia" on the left hand menu column.

click on photos to enlarge

Then a pop up box will appear and hit the "reverse" box. All you have to do is select the hardness of the edge, strength and size of your brush to shade in the item with your sepia tone, then slide the sepia bar to the degree of fading you need to adjust the color to the correct tone you need.  I like to keep the fade level at 0% when I am coloring the item so that I can see if I miss anything. After it is fully colored in, then I adjust the colored levels.

once fully colored, adjust the fade to get your desired tone

Afterwards, you can adjust the photo however you need, add a signature or have fun trying out different effects, just remember, for online selling, try and keep the colors as close to the original item. I have another example tutorial for fixing products here, here (using photoscape) and here (editing faces) and some good posts on photography, here, here, and decor8's amazing post on product staging.  I also have a simple little tutorial on making heart bokeh here. Necklace in photos is one of my Jeweled Ambrosia handmade designs.

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Anonymous said...

boy do i need so much help with photo editing! i don't have the money to buy photoshop just yet so it looks like picnik will be a great alternative! definitely looks like you can do a lot more there than picasa (which is what i am using now, i know, amateur, right?) thanks so much for the detailed tutorial, this was most helpful!

Little Lovables said...

No way, I use picassa too for basic editing, and it's easier in that every thing downloads at once and stores your photos in albums... picnik doesn't do that (wish it did)

Kristina P. said...

I was just thinking about this with J Crew. I shop online with them a lot, and am often disappointed when I get the item, and the actual color is much more muted than it appeared online.

vivian said...

thanks for sharing! I'll have to check that out later! Ive used picnik before, but didnt try to do anything other then crop a picture I think. Your such a wealth of knowledge! thanks.

boatbaby said...

i always love your photo editing tips! So clear and very useful too. thank you!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...


colleenroselle said...

yey i've been trying to find a good photo editing shop for a long time!

Little Lovables said...

thanks so much! I'm a beginner, I would love to learn photoshop (I've had gimp downloaded for a while now) but I go cross eyed just staring at the screen trying to decipher everything.

Princess Caitlin said...

I love picnik!
What a brilliant way to use it!

Tali Schiffer said...

Not bad :)
I heard of Picnic, I think I even tried it out once, but I'm still and will always be a Photoshop lover :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! They are much needed at my end! I have linked to your post x

Princess Caitlin said...

Hey there, I tagged you for the Kreative Blogger award. :)
You have to write 7 things about yourself and tag 7 more people to do it.

Actually, nobody's going to force you. ;-) I just like your blog.

Clara Margaret said...

Loved the way you have done on Photo Editing

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