Monday, February 22, 2010

Bibliophiles Unite

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What's this? A post entitled bibliophiles unite, with no images of any books? That is correct my dear friends. Because being a book lover, one must also appreciate all things bookish, readerish, writerish.

Such as, oh so stylish pipe cleaner reading glasses (or are they crochet around a frame?). A placebo for all you poor folks out there who wear your glasses with scratched up, out of date prescription lenses and missing earpieces (such as mine), that gives you a headache beyond repair.

I was never taught about the "bossy r" until I watched the new Electric Company with my kid the other day. But obviously, the method was being taught as proven by this way awesome vintage poster. Or maybe I was being taught the bossy r, but wasn't in class that day. Yes, it must have been the one day I was home sick with a fever or the day I got 6 stitches in my face from a cat attack.

Emails are so, impersonal, and quick, too easy. If and when I get my lazy self to script a romantical letter (or a bill) via snail mail, I shall send it with my own wax seal. Elitist? yes. Curious? you betcha. Memorable? ding ding ding!

Love wax seals, but not making your own? I get that. Fantastical wax seal jewelry is all the rage! Tons of different styles and colors, all over Etsy from different sellers.


I love to write. Perhaps I will pen a fabulous story worth publishing one day, or perhaps not, but either way, pencils and erasers are so much more forgiving then an ink pen scribbled out of entire paragraphs. (though writing with smooth, flowing ball point pens are amazing!) Perhaps writing with a quill and an ink well would make for a lovely sport.

Bookplates. I adore them. Fancy stickers that shows this little trophy of a book is mine, all mine. I know some people prefer the library, but I like books for keeps. Still though, I cannot spend full price on a book. I'm all about amazon, ebay, etsy for vintage, or finding my own at second hand shops. Where is your favorite book finding place? (lots of great bookplates on etsy... I LOVE this vintage blue bird one by oiseaux!)

What about repairing books? Or binding your own. Does anyone possess that skill? I know there are tons and tons of ways to do this in this comprehensive list of compiled tutorials, it is something I would love to learn how to do one day. This coptic stitch how to video is pretty easy to follow! Or, you can get your own handmade book on Etsy. Tons of varieties and price ranges.


What do you do with a book that has lost it's savor? Why, make something beautiful from the pages! I'm all about the little stamped mobiles and garlands, and even the novel page roses, what about a wreath? Just, how would one dust it?

Happy reading, writing and hoarding bookish delights!


PonderandStitch said...

Yay!! Bibliophile here:)

I love this post! I plan on getting some second-hand old hardcovers and making myself some of these shelves for my new hundred year-old-house!It's a great tutorial I came across:

Kristina P. said...

I did wax seals on our wedding invitations. They were so fun!

Little Lovables said...

ponder, that shelf is awesome!! thanks so much for linking to it, I bet your house must be lovely :)

kristina... love that you did that! was is snuggie blue colored wax? xo

Aisha said...

Oh my, this post was screaming my name!! I LOVE everything you wrote about. I also love books for keeps and make my own bookplates...or used to, I should say :P I love going to used bookstores and vintage shops.. I once found an old "Alice in Wonderland" book that had an inscription dated it!

Tali Schiffer said...

What a lovely post and great images! BTW those wax seals are real cool!!

apricot said...

It would be so cool to make those wax seals too for personal letters. I just have to work on my calligraphy first ;-) I really like the wax seal monogram jewelry pictures too! Do you mind if I use them on my monogram blog?

Nicola said...

I love the idea of the "bossy r", I'd never been taught that either. :)

Me, I can't say I've ever repaired books by myself but I'm forever hauling my old paperbacks round to my sister. She's got a binding machine, so she's been able to rescue a fair few of them. Though if I catch her on a bad day, she does tend to start shrieking the address of the nearest Waterstones. But new books just aren't the same.

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