Friday, January 29, 2010

Twilight Inspired Designs Shop

Amazingly, I have my new Twilight Inspired Jewelry shop {mostly} set up... and it took only 2 days to do it! Feel free to check it out, and I would love some critiques, if the layout is understandable to navigate and such. Really though, I think my tag line I came up with last minute is my favorite part ;)

"jewelry for your inner vamp"

I will be retiring the line once my supplies are gone, so moving it to it's own little place was the best so I can focus more on my vintage inspired jewelry shop. Jeweled Ambrosia is heading into a new direction and I'm so excited!


Nahl said...

this is such a cool idea! I'm sure twilight fanatics are going mad over this! Fance a giveaway soon? :) hehe.
Btw, I'm sorry for being so disorganized but I don't have your email and I need to mail you something about the Sisterhood of the Blogosphere. Please mail me at so I can save your address!

Micaela said...

hello new blog friend! :)

oh my goodness, how cute are your twilight inspired designs shop?!? i am just now reading the last book and i don't want it to end!

i'm soooo team Edward but, lately... Jacob is tugging at my heart. sigh.

i want a vampire fangs necklace! may have to ask my fiance ;)

i need a job soon!!!


Jaeve + Things said...

Cute! I'm sure all the Twilight fans out there will love these. I do!

Aisha said...

Lisa, I can NOT believe that you did all this in 2 days!! How amazing is that! Well you are amazing :)...I have been on a disorganized streak lately, I will get back to your the meantime, good luck, your designs are breathtaking!

Sara said...

You make such lovely things!! Hello, sister!

Pattie said...

I really like all of your rings :)

And, thank you for the tip on etsy!

Kristin said...

That over the knuckle ring is uber cool!

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