Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Calm After the Storm

aqua blue and white balloon room - yvette inufio

Yesterday was an extremely stressful and trying day (though some yummy Indian food helped take the edge off), and the weekend was as well, since every single one of us got a nasty little 24 hour bug. But I decided to change my mindset and takes some deep breaths, think things through, made a gameplan and decided to remain calm.

We managed to pack up the Christmas decorations (though I never did take pictures of the upgrades I did to the mantle and tree and the garland I made for the window, oh well!)

I am enjoying having space back. It's amazing how wonderful Christmas is, and every year I get so excited decorating and I always think as I am pulling each ornament out of the box, how it is going to be so big in here once they are put back away.  I am never wrong 

white and blue interior - betsy burnham design

Right now, I am enjoying being clutter free. Nester has a great post today about having "accessories on parade". I try and live by that (as I imagine my husband who calls me a "hoarder" rolling his eyes at that statement), but it is easy to lose control!

my great grandmother's lamb modeling my necklace... so lovely

But, since I can't find my box of my little knick knacks (of which I believe my husband hid them from me in our move, though he strongly disagrees), staying clutter free is fairly easy right now. I would really like to find my little brass owls and my grandmother's lamb. Everywhere I look is white with little aqua accents, and black pillows and I love the simplicity... but still...


*** update... hubs found my box :) thanks, darling!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were sick - that is terrible. Your blog is beautiful and very well designed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment.

Following you now to keep up with your on-goings!

The Rose Room said...

oh that is the sweetest little lamb.....

my new home is going to be a clutter free zone but like you... still.....

hope that box of treasures turns up for you

Happiest 2010

cabin + cub said...

Hope you get well soon!

Love the aqua and white rooms... so pretty. I have to try and de-clutter our place a bit too... I have no idea how we keep accumulating all these random things! ;)

Anonymous said...

My that bug sure is getting around! We had it here too and the cold thing is still hanging on-

What beautiful blue in those photos!!

I love the little lamb and do hope your box shows up soon!


Anonymous said...

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