Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mahna Mahna and the Snowths

This is the all consuming project I was in the midst of during our move and during the holidays. It was a pain and a joy all at the same time, kind of like giving birth, without the tearing and diapers. Our family has always been a fan of the Snowths and Mahna Mahna trio, so when the opportunity arose to make them, I decided to take it. I've been asked to do it before, but always turned it down, so I wanted to challenge myself this time.

It was one of those things that I miss dearly, but will never do it again unless I got paid millions of dollars to do it. Actually, maybe not, I learned tricks so a second round would go easier, but the execution and planning in the beginning is quite stressful. Though if I ever did attempt these guys again, I would do puppets, not dolls.

My sister came the last night to help me do some machine sewing for the bodies, since sewing machines terrify the crap out of me, and another friend helped me sew up the arms and legs in the beginning, b/c the thought of hand sewing 6 arms and 6 legs gave me an anxiety attack. So thanks for helping me keep my sanity!!

Getting very tired, very very sore, very... covered in fur...

My husband found a sign of life in the small crack of a smile through my hair. He's goofy and sweet.
In any case, I was quite sad to see these dolls go. My husband and I made a quick little video so we could always remember their awesomeness. If only we had more time to play with them before I shipped, but they needed to go asap as they were for a birthday present. I  hope you enjoyed my process, the creation of the Jim Henson sensational Muppets inspired Mahna Mahna and his two Snowths!!

*don't let the song get stuck in your head ;)
"Mahna Mahna, Do doo be-do-do, Mahna Mahna, Do do-do do, Mahna Mahna,
Do doo be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do be-do-do-doodle do do do-doo do!"

Do doo be-do-do,


vivian said...

Lisa they turned out so cute! YOu should make more! I know working with fur is messy.. but now youve got your pattern and it should be so much easier next time. I'm surprised your kids let you send them off!

The Rose Room said...

Lisa, hilarious post and totally well done on your Muppets! Rachaelxo

Chanda said...

Have absolutely no idea what those are, and I'm still MAJORLY impressed!

Zell0ss said...

Have you considered to sew another more and sell them? :)

Anonymous said...

these are AWESOME!!!
would you consider making them again for our Family?
we watch the video w/ our 2yr old and she LOVES IT!... she'll bust out everyonce in a while w/ mahna mahna... and we'll join in:)
too cute! let me know if they're for sale again... thanks!:)

Karen Alduino said...

do you sell theses? if so, le me know my granson would love this!

Kelli Plum said...

My luck is that you'll never see this in time, but with hope that you do, I would really appreciate it if you could at least give me an instructional guide and material list on how to make these... I have a soon to be one year old son who absolutely adores them and I'm aiming to get him something of this nature for his first birthday. If you could email me, that would be such a blessing. My email address is kplum95@gmail.com.

Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

Will you do puppets and sell them? Ive been looking for these characters everywhere since my rainbow baby loves the video. Pls let me know. My email is ruthvgomez@gmail.com

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