Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Farewell December, Letting Go of Christmas and Decorating Wintery

I'm a little tormented. I was so busy moving and catching up on orders, I didn't post many Christmas ideas this year. Even though Christmas is over, I use this blog as a springboard for myself to reference for later, and I need to file these great ideas somewhere! So, this week will be catch up for me, then I'll get down to new stuff, mmkay? For now though, many of these can still be implemented as "winter" decor.

This little montage of Lindsey Brackeen's holiday mantle, my jaw dropped a little. I love the bright white, a bit of style and sparkle, without being too dark and heavy feeling for the holidays. I love how she hand tied the wreath with torn fabric scraps with her little boy. So sweet. The natural elements are wonderful as well.

Lindsey also made these adorable little gift tags you can use next year. I love here idea to use them as a garland as well. Visit here to download them.


boatbaby said...

Thanks for the link, those are super cute!

The Boob Nazi said...

Everything looks so pretty. I wish I were talented/crafty.

Blogger said...

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