Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Wreath Surgery

I found a hideous, wreath that had a cancer of gold shredded tinsel, broken pine cones, yucky brown berry picks and broken ornament tops... for .25 cents at a garage sale.

Being the charitable soul that I am, I handed over a quarter and took this eyesore from the table. I am sure they thought they got the better end of the deal, wondering why I would be attracted to such a thing.

"I'll save you, little one"

Well, I am a wreath surgeon. I acquired a little collection of clearance red jingle bell ornaments, some sequined balls and sequin pics (that are suppose to be a hurricane candle wreath thing, but I cut that apart).

First, I removed the tinsel tumors and pics that someone had painstakingly put in there... on purpose. I let the pine cones stay and spun them on their good sides.

"what's the prognosis, doc?"

I took my silver tree star topper and wound the electrical cord around the bottom tip and tucked that baby in. Just a small piece of wire at the top around the wreath and that thing is in tight. Then, I  hot glued in the sequin and jingle ball ornaments.

"it's to early to tell, o little wreath... hang in there"

After balancing the wreath out with the sequin pics, I thought our letter A and a wire snowflake ornament would be cute in there as well. (Letter idea from Nester, of course).  I'm sure it could be fuller, and prettier, and more colorful, with more pine cones and berries and white snowflakes, but, I'm on a budget and these things take time to collect when one is on a budget... so  maybe next year.

"ready for her close-up"

I tried nailing it to the door with a ribbon Nester style... but our door was metal, so it is on the wall above our couch until I can get another wreath holder (b/c the last cheapo one went in the goodwill box when we moved, blast!)

Well, the wreath patient is well and doing fine, in remission and has arrived to a full, cheery recovery. And when Christmas is over, I'll take another cue from Nester and maybe reuse this wreath in another way.

So, I entered this little post of mine into Kimba's diy day! Check it out for more fun projects. Oh here's a crazy cute wreath tutorial Vintage Indie!!


Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Too cute! It's amazing what a little elbow grease can do.


vivian said...

Yay! you saved the old wreath and breathed fresh new life into it! You are a wreath hero!
It turned out beautifully. I dont think it needs anything else.

Meninheira said...

Hi Lisa :)

Thanks you very much for your visit and your beautiful words :) I'm so glad you like it.

Merry Xmas, Feliz Navidad

Hugs from Spain :)

Michelle said...

Very nice work Doctor, LOL!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come back again!

Take Care

jennibell said...

What a neat idea. I just always trash those "unusable" wreaths. . .but not anymore!!! You did great.

Sher said...

Hello! You have such a beautiful blog, filled with pretty Christmas-sy things!!

And it's so neat how you gave the wreath a makeover! It looks so beautiful now, fantastic work I must say:)

1 more week to Christmas!!!


The Boob Nazi said...

I was so confused as to why the top wreath was "so ugly," but then I realized that was an AFTER picture. Cute!

bodoba said...

aww so cute, you did a great job!

rosiatkoon said...


Rachael Thomas said...

Wow, what a wonderful doctor!

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