Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty Little Things

vintage jeweled bottle

I have been loving little bottles for a while. I love to gather little vases together and seperate up flowers and have them all in a row, sort of like this from Snippet and Ink (daily wedding idea boards).

I went to the antique mall again (with kids in tow, poor guys) and I came home with bunches of buttons, brooches, lace and bottles (all vintage!) I decided to make my own collection of jeweled bottles. I think they are lovely and so trinkety. Perfect for ladies that love baubles and jewelry, but maybe can't wear it because of metal allergies, kids that pull on jewelry or they just don't wear jewels due to hard jobs or personal preference.

vintage bottle shabby chic perfume bottle jose cuervo raven

I think these little bottles would look perfect on a windowsill or vanity holding some German glass glitter, little buttons, tiny seashells, love notes...

Only two jeweled bottles are in my shop now, but more are on there way! These jeweled, beaded hoop earrings of mine capture the beauty of these bottles as well.

rhinestone jeweled beaded ethnic hoop earrings

Also, I know these designs are Christmas-y, but they don't have to be! The placing and style of the frames can be used in lots of different styles of homes, with any variety of styles and color, perfect year round!

bright christmas frame wall

And these oh-so-cute felt trees don't have to be for Christmas. Think of what you can do with an Easter tree. Or, even make it out of a rich chocolate damask pattern, matching grosgrain ribbon and turquoise buttons for a chic effect, OR ooo, how about white and creame fabrics and lace, with vintage rhinestone brooches and a little bit of feather boa. The style is limitless!

Idea of frames/trees courtesy of Danielle Thompson, Etsy shopTiny Bazaar /Kitschy Digitals and tutorial found HERE!! Check out her gorgeous blog, full of colorful whimsy, Blythe and amazingly sweet graphics! I am absolutely loving her chocolate mustache and mushroom treats post HERE!!


Andrea said...

Great post! LOTS of pretties to look at! Yum!

Meekiyu said...

O wow those bottle trinkets are so elegant and beautiful. Looks like you snagged a lot of goodies. =D

Lauren said...

so many wonderful things! I hope you enjoy your new goodies and working with them. :)

Giovanna said...

Your work is adorable!! I love it! Congratulations!! :)

Teapot said...

I am inspired!! Thanks!!

Miss Mish Mish said...

Love the bottles! What a great idea :)

Nikerunie said...

Hi Lisa!

I love your bottles! And I accept and thank you so much for your earring offer! Although I don't have pierced ears, my best friend would absolutely adore them! I'll soon be employed (whew!) and hope to buy from you soon! Just let me know where I should send my mailing address to. Thanks, again!

Much love and aloha,

Anonymous said...

very cool, all of it! thanks for sharing your finds with us!

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