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I read the first book 'Twilight' by Stephanie Meyer with my husband, we took turns reading chapters, and we had great fun! (My brother in law who also read & loved the books, said that any man will feel like they have a uterus after reading these!) When we got to the second book, 'New Moon', I needed to read it more than he was willing, so I stayed up and read the entire thing overnight. This book left me slightly sad, so I decided to read the entire third book, 'Eclipse', the next day (which was today).

John Clark artwork on a novel page.

I really did enjoy the series, but I am left disappointed by the ending as it was not as happy as I wanted (I am an Edward fan... too much Jacob in there for my taste). I have a tendancy to become saddened and moody when books don't have fairy tale endings, so when the fourth installment of the book, 'Breaking Dawn', comes out in August, I will have to read it, in hopes that it will lighten the spirit of the romance and intensity. I spare details of what I did/didn't like, to spare anyone who would like to read them. But if you have and would like to chat, send me a message as I so want to talk it up!

By the way, here are some great links on the books and the trailer for the movie that is due to come out December 12, 2008!!

Twilight in HD

Gorgeous artwork by Anne Julie.

A Twilight inspired bracelet from Jack and Ella

My Jeweled Ambrosia "Find Your Path" Compass Ring

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