Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of my favorite blogs, The Feathered Nest, is closing. It always filled me with motivation, ideas and great pictures, and she was such a sweet person. In her blog announcement, she said it will be totally gone, which means I can't even bookmark my favorite pages! So I am going to post some of my favorite pics of hers to share before they are gone.

(Just so you know, there is a similar wonderful blog, Nesting Place, so we do have that!!)


crowcat said...

how sad, those were some really beautiful pictures.
and no worries about not knowing those places one of them is just a little house with a bunch of kids living in it and they have music shows and the other is this hidden cuban bar in downtown.

p.s. im gonna find some jewelry/accessory photos i've done and send em to you.

Manuela said...

Thank you! You're very kind (and sweet). I'm very touched that you found my blog usefull. Just so you know the blog will be deleted this weekend (it's on Typepad and once you stop paying it disappears).

All the best to you!


Little Lovables said...

Yes, it's gone! Thanks for stopping by Manuela, I loved your blog and couldn't bear the thought of your lovely pics and ideas fading away forever, so I had to showcase them! :)

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