Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Treats: Happy Valentine's Day - 2014

This is kind of a weird time for Valentine's Day in my life. But I had to go ahead and make a yummy treat for the kiddo's sake. Pink lemonade cake with pink lemonade and butter cream frosting. And of course semi-sweet chocolate chips and sprinkles! I hope all of you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day... or for me, a soon to be divorced mom... this is my last official Valentine's as a legally married woman day :/

I know, I always choose the most proper timing for news.... but a separation leading to divorce around the same time as a cross country move will take a person away from blog-land for a while. But you know, all good things eventually come to an end of some sort, which is exactly how this cake will end up, dirty dishes in the sink :)

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Tati_Strange said...

That's a lovely cake!

I'm sorry that you're having a bad time, but I think that the most important thing about Valentine's Day is about the people we love, no matter who, so I'm sure your kids loved it, and you should love your sweet talent too :)

Better things will come ;D

Have a nice weekend ^^

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