Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aquatic My Way

I have been gone forever! Life has been a hurricane and many times I felt the waves crash over me and pin me down. It knocked me over with such force that I couldn't tell which way was up. I found moments of respite in the eye of the hurricane and in those times, I floated on a life raft and paddled vigorously to keep my head above water, but it only left me parched. Anytime I found dry ground, my feet reached for safe harbor, but then something else would sweep me away as I struggled to keep up, gasping for air. But it was salty. Feeling alone, completely lost at sea, trying to make a difference but getting pulled back in the undertow, I was purely in survival mode. Too many times I struggled to breathe and didn't know how I was going to make it.

 But I'm coming back.

Did you hear me storm?! I always thought I was a strong swimmer, but this has been an endurance test. It's important for my well being to indulge in the therapeutic powers of creative mindfulness. Substance and purpose to enhance my life and those around me. After all, how can I extend a life raft if I can't even hang on to my own? But here, my little island... this helps me create goals, stay focused on lovely things and enhance my soul, so that I can face future storms that I know are coming. Allowing words, and visions of beauty and creation to wash over me. A baptism of growth. I'm ready to take a breath of fresh, crisp air and fill my lungs with a voice again. It's my turn to revel in my inner force of nature. No longer adrift, my compass is set.  I embrace my journey. Join me.
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