Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Suitcases Memento Craft Idea via A Drawer Full of Pretty Wishes

Megan of A Drawer Full of Pretty Wishes blog has got some serious fashion and craft talent, more on that in later posts. But I just simply adore her vintage suitcase ideas. They would make a wonderful keepsake gift, using mementos and special touches all in a nice, traveling package. Almost like a scrapbook or shadow box , but on a bigger scale. I pass by vintage suitcases all the time in thrift shops. If you made several, they would look adorable stacked in a corner together. Imagine, one for birthdays, seasonal holidays, then they easily fold up to be stored away until next year. I look forward to making some of these soon!

I love the dainty details of ribbon and lace. Personalized buntings and banners are easy to make with either fabric or paper and add an extra special touch. This dance themed case is complete with a tutu and vintage art of a ballerina. I know many little girls who would love this!

Love this frame idea. Paint and distress an old frame, than glue vintage rhinestone buttons or clip-on earrings or brooches to decorate it. Add a pretty saying or photo. Simple and sweet.

I love how she added sport items and comics for an 8 year old boy! Imagine making a Star Wars, Minecraft, Leggo, science, dinosaur, animal, military, cowboy or car themed case. They would make a cute table display at a birthday party.

Pin Itsignature lisa 180x80 180ppi

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Lesley Jean said...

These are so whimsical. Such a great idea. My mom keeps bringing me vintage suitcases. I need to make some of these myself! :) Thanks for the idea!

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