Monday, February 20, 2012

Thrifted Vintage Master Bedroom Makeover

For those who have followed my blog over the years, many of you have seen my sporadically different bedroom changes, in three different homes. The first was the diy painting of the garage sale headboard here. Then the vintage linen room, then the plate wall  and total bedroom makeover (my favorite), and now in this yucky rental (with the nausea inducing mustard orange accent wall.) Well, it's the end of an era, because I just sold my pretty white headboard and my adorable vintage french provincial dresser last weekend. A bit is due to earning some cashola to get new baby girl gear, but I'm also going through a mega purging phase right now. I have boxes and boxes of clothes/decor/craft supplies/linens and stuff just waiting to get out of here. My room feels naked now without a headboard, so any free/cheap/diy ideas for that would be awesome.

But, I did find these two amazing vintage lamps the other day for only $12. I have been looking for lamps because all of ours have broken. I never find quirky/cool lamps in a pair that actually work at a thrift store.... and these lamps are definitely pretty quirky. A woman at Goodwill commented that she liked the lamps... if the shades were different, but I happened to love the silky drum shade and the pretty pale robins egg blue color, even though it does clash a bit with the interesting pink and green glass/acrylic (?).

The wall sconces were another find for $2 and the vintage crewel embroidery art was $3. I am not usually a big symmetry decorator, like my blessed grandmother, but I love the simplicity it brings to the space.

 I have a beautiful vintage crewel embroidery on a down stuffed wool pillow that accented this art beautifully, (as seen on a chair that I also sold, *sniff*)... but I RUINED it! I wasn't thinking and washed the thing... now it is all moldy and the embroidery colors ran. I am so upset with myself. I may just cut the front part off and try to frame it?

My little boys love picking me little flowers they find. I put one in my hair the other day and they thought I had magically transformed into a princess.

Of course, the end tables usually have medicine bottles, glasses of ice water, cell phone chargers and a way huge ugly alarm clock. But you know, gotta look a little gussied up for pics right? Since the thrifted tables are pretty banged up, and I still haven't sanded and painted them, I cut this vintage thrifted lace panel in half and now we don't get splinters on our end tables at night.

 My hubs' Far Side looking elephant piggy bank. And his studly glasses. He looks so cute in those glasses.

 A few slip covered pillowcases my aunt, the professional seamstress made for me. I stuff them with cheap (and washed) thrifted pillows. I love how she made me so many covers, I can change them throughout the seasons and always have a fresh update. That is the beauty of slip covered pillows people. I really need to get over my fear of sewing machines and just do it. Rae Gun has a great envelope pillow case tutorial here.

So, I got me a little mini makeover for now. I have a challenge on my hands on how to make this space a little more comfortable while spending zero money on a headboard alternative. I have found a few cute ideas out there, that I will likely be posting soon, do you have any free/diy headboard ideas?

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Remy Ramirez said...

This is ADORABLE!!! I'm totally and completely in love with this look. Those lamps are amazing. I pinned this on pinterest-- LOVE!

Nice work, interior decorator mama!


Wildorchidss Vintage Inspiration said...

I love your ideas. Thrift stores are addicting. I'm actually in the process of trying to create a headboard myself. For my little guy though. I have some large pieces of cardboard that my husband has leftover from a countertop. I'm going to cut padding into squares and find some fabric that will match his room. If you can find some french molding accents and victorian fabric, I bet that would look great in that room.

Our Marvelous Clan said...

Came over from the Nesters. I'd take your bright mustard orange colored wall to my dark red burgandy accent wall in my bedroom rental. So dark and dreary.
Just have to rock what you got!

Michele Oliver said...

I love the feel of your room. Very relaxing and calm.

Claire said...

Don't you love not being perfect? I do!! I'm your newest imperfect follower-stop by for a visit!!

Katie said...

I LOVE that cheerful yellow wall and the embroidered art on the wall! So cute! Hope you'll come by and visit!

Katie- Hems For Her

Tati_Strange said...

Loved the vases, and the candles and.... * _ * ... everything !!

Have a nice week ^^

Rachel VanHook said...

Thanks so much for stopping are so gotta get over that fear of the sewing machine and a whole new world of decorating will open up to you!!! LOL I'm impressed that you made the yellow wall look good...not an easy feat!

Carrie Vintage said...

lovely blog, I'm a new reader :)

Chandra said...

Wow. Gorgeous indeed. I love myself some thrift stores; I put myself on a thrift store restriction but this posts makes me want to run to my favorite store and hunt!!!


Maya Lee said...

Nice redecoration. Nice room. I can see it doesn't take much to have a good-looking master bedroom after all.

garden sheds

Gulcin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gulcin said...

OMG! I can't tell you how this post made me sooo happy and hopeful. This post will be a real turning point in my life...i'm going to get married in may and in the first time i'll be decorating a "double" bedroom and i was so complicated. But today,i've seen that the color of the furnishings,the size of the room etc. isn't that much important. You're amazing and i really love the way you decorate your room in diffrent homes. Thank you so much for this inspirational and encouraging blogpost!!
Much love from Turkey,

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