Monday, July 19, 2010

Inspired Room: Soft Whites and Natural Light

This Edwardian house in Streatham was featured in Light Locations.  The white and creamy color pallate is so refreshing and dreamy, especially since the dominating accent color is turquoise. I am truly amazed at how much natural light and charm this home boasts.

This is quite possible the most beautiful entry way I have ever seen. From the light grayish blue writing desk, to the old portrait, it has a touch of everything. I truly adore the grandfather clock. The soft color and curved lines makes it appear less menacing than so many others I have seen.

The sunburst mirror is so right in this room. I love the detail, and and so glad it isn't overdone in this home, by appearing in every room in the house.

The pet portraits and the green lattice print pillow brings a pop of charm and color to the room.

I love those stain glass windows flanked with the open white shutters. So lovely! And, though the focus of the room is this charming rocking horse, I find the feather duster hanging on the wall quite charming.
And those painted white plank floors are perfect. The mix of vintage and shabby with the contemporary chair and desk are refreshing. Do you have a mix of style, and how do you pull it off?


Loft32 said...

I just LOVE a light and airy room and the one with the Imperial Trellis chair pillow stole my heart!

Melanie@The Old White Cottage said...

That's gorgeous. I love all the turquoise details.

Jessie said...

lovely :)

vivian said...

wow.. I wish I had that kind of light coming into my house! but I have to admit, if I did, you would see an awful lot of dust!!


Jessica said...

I LOVE every picture you included in this post. If that was my house, I would never leave. How dreamy!!

Jessica @

Liz Owen said...

Oh my gosh. That entry way. There are no words... I can only dream! :)

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