Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giveaway, Midgets and a Crazy Mouse

Sleepwalk print by Serpent Mandalas

Have I ever told you that my husband sleep walks? I haven't? Well, I will give you TWO crazy examples and then tell you about last night.

When we were first married, I awoke, being thrown out of bed, flying through the air and hitting my head on our dresser. Fortunately, my husband's body softened the fall. Apparently, he dreamt I was about to be hit by a speeding bus in his dream, and he was saving my life by throwing me out of the way, what a superhero. Thanks, hon!

Superman print by the amazing Mikiep

Another time, I awoke to a bouncing bed. He was jumping up and down on the bed vigoursly while attaking the ceiling. Little white ceiling popcorn paint chips were all over the place. When I asked what he was doing, he frantically replied something along these lines, "There are plastic sporks coming down on us!" Apparently, some crazy mutant plastic sporks were sneaking up on us and stuck in the ceiling, and yet again, he was saving the day. (I hope the spork wasn't as big as this one from Paul Pape Designs!)

Back to the present. I am on the computer (suprised?) and he is laying on the couch waiting for me. He falls asleep. All of a sudden, he jerks awake and speaks gibberish to me for a minute or so (completely normal for him).

Cute little gnome stamp from Niko Art not quite a midget, but the cutest related thing I could find and still be respectful :)

He screws up his nose and says "Who is in that chair with you? I don't see them anymore, did they leave? Oh, there they are, how can you both fit in that chair? Is there a someone in your chair with you?"

I simply reply, "Yes."

He says, "Really? No... NO! She must be a midget then or something. Why don't you come over here then. Shoot my legs off and carry me around, you little midget lover."

Then, he falls back asleep. I suppose, in sleep theory, by removing his legs, he would then be midget like and I would love him too, like my midget companion that was sharing my seat with me? Weird, huh? But seriously, that is not very weird compared to all of the other sleepwalking/talking events I have encountered in these last 5 years if marriage.

Okay, here is another cute little family thing. We finally figured out how to upload video from our digital camera. Too bad it was after I had already erased our UFO sighting video!! He did a little crazy mouse puppet playtime with Isaac (who has named the mouse Pinky Roo). It's cute and 5 minutes long, so take a look if you want to watch. (Yes, I am on the computer again working on my Etsy shop, Bad Mommy!)

Now, the reason for this post, Jennifer of Elegant Journey is hosting a giveaway on her blog for this lovely button print. She is a sweet designer with pretty art and a much less cluttered blog then mine! Go and enter her giveaway and browse around, she has some cute stuff!

Also, my Thanksgiving feast with my husband's sweet family. We didn't do boring turkey this year, we did FONDUE!! Enjoy our pics, b/c it was Yumm-o!

fried chocolate, sooo good!

PS, the wonderful Contrariwise (wonderful metal jewelery designer) has an excellent article on getting your products to show up in Google image searches (I use that all the time!) HERE is how to do it. I am going to try it right now with this vintage style rose shabby chic flower cameo locket necklace!

vintage style rose flower shabby chic cameo locket necklace


Julie Schuler said...

Those stories about your husband's sleeptalking are funny! My husband does stuff like that, too. He'll just up and grab me in the middle of the night, thinking I'm about to fall off a ledge. Some of this verbal midnight gems have included "There's no end to the trouble you can into as a TV personality." and "Don't worry, you didn't wake the madness."

Meekiyu said...

Wow those are some stories made me grin... lovely featured items and your warm pictures are so cool... all you guys look like you guys are having a super time... I agree fried chocolate is GOOD.

Little Lovables said...

Oh my goodness, last night he slepwalked ALL NIGHT LONG!

And he had hiccups, which only made it a million times worse.

He kept thinking people were breaking into our home, so about every 20 mins, he jumped out of bed like a ninja, and prowled the house for 10 minutes, came back to bed, fell asleep for 20 minutes and the cycle continued all night.

That is funny Julie, it's nice to know I have companions who deal with this too!

Chanda said...

That is hilarious! You need to set up a camera - although your description was almost as good as a movie. I am still cracking up.

girl next blog said...

Your blog is just lovely!

And I love the little gnome stamp, so cute!

aurora said...

He looks so normal in waking hours... haha! What a hoot!

Liz said...

Fondue Thanksgiving. That is a genius idea.

Little Lovables said...

It is. The most genius idea though is the disposable plates.

Clean up... a snap!

LenaLoo said...

Okay you are defiantly my kind of blogger... I added you to my blog roll! My hubby sleep walks and talks too, one time he stood up out of bed, snatched the pillow clutched in my sleeping arms, and shouted "Yes!"... When I asked him why the heck he took my pillow he mumbled "I need it... to fix the internet..." Then he dropped my pillow and walked into the computer room and then promptly walked back and got into bed... What a weirdo! Lol... Oh and fondue for Thanksgiving! Inspired!

Little Lovables said...

LenaLoo, that is a GREAT story! Whenever we have company and there is any awkward silence, sleepwalking stories are the best for arousing those weird moments!!

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