Saturday, October 25, 2008

Eventful Times

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted in a month! Which is really sad because it has been quite an eventful month... maybe that explains the lack of posts? We had our semi-annual General, Relief Society and Stake Confernces for our church, which were amazing and refreshing by the way. Such a spiritual and almost healing feast to the inspired words of these men and women. You can read or watch some of them HERE. One thing I loved, is Dieter F. Uchtdorf said in one of his talks, how we as as a people, are happiest and fulfilled when we are creating something. Putting our minds and bodies to work to make something is a spiritual act. And why shouldn't it be, since we are sons and daughters of the master Creator, God!

Well, it was our 5 year wedding anniversary and so we took the family with some friends to the Texas State Fair. It was expensive just to go and park, and then you have to pay to play each game and each ride. Only a couple lame-o shows were free. We had 20 tickets left at the end of the night, it made me sick to my stomach we had spent so much money for nothing, so I took my tickets to the people in line to buy MORE tickets, and I sold mine to them for a tiny discount. But, the weather was wonderful, the company was fun, the kids loved the petting zoo and we got to see Michelle Branch sing one of her famous songs...

I also have been getting more sales, which is so great because David had to buy a couple of new suits for interviewing and such, so it has really helped. Thank you so much customers, you are all truly appreciated!!

Due to my busy order time, I have neglected (cleaning, cooking, doing my hair, being a top notch mom)... so I decorated our ONE and ONLY shelf for Halloween so the kids could have a segment of the outside world in our home. I was at Joann's picking up some fabric for a puppet I am making and saw the 60% sale for Halloween stuff. Since I refuse to buy anything full price, and we silently decided not to fight our jam packed storage closet for holidays this year... I picked up a couple of things and used what I had left around the house, oh like a feather boa, some vintage chandelier prisms, a little swallow stamp I used on the mirror (I got the idea from HERE)...

I think it turned out very pretty, and my kids love it! And of course, there is my little Blythe doll! She wanted to be a cat, so I made her cat ears and a shabby black and white striped tutu, no way was I going to paint her expensive little face though. Don't you just love her boots? The display is still missing something. I think maybe a glittery silver and black pennant up top that says "Happy Halloween" will look good, maybe I will make it soon and post pics. See that crazy wire man? David made that, he is crafty :)

And now, for the good wife part, I think I am going to attempt to use the AMAZING smelling Indian Spice kit I got from Purpose Design for David's Birthday. (ps I got the one in the metal box, but isn't the beaker spice lab awesome!?)

Thanks for keeping up with me, more news/rants/goodies to come later! Before you leave, check out my pretty new banner! Thank you Sea Dream Studio for making it for me!! Now, I am off to do some MAJOR cleaning/organizing!! I know you are jealous ;)



Meekiyu said...

Aww congrats! You and your family look so cute! Yeah those fairs are... not worth it... o and great Halloween display... I love the items you choose especially the spooky house and the black roses tree thing.

Little Lovables said...

Thanks meekiyu! I love that tree, it has silver glitter lining the roses, and the black house is ALL black glitter, you can't tell from the photos though.

And thanks for the cute little family you made me, I can't wait to get it, I will def have to put up pics on my blog!

Leah said...

I love your new banner!

Shauna said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

Sweet 'n Sassy Baby said...

Cute stuff! Beautiful family!

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