Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Ramblings

I am on some kind of weird kick on staying in a rut. For weeks, I tormented you all with my nonstop Twilight obsessiveness... then, I turned into a crazed, stay at home mom whining maniac... what will be next? Will I go vegan for a month, will I start listing excellent baking soda homemade tips? I don't know, I just... don't. I am kind of like that... all hardcore about something for a little bit and then, after I annoy everyone with my nonstop chatter, I get it out of my system and then, I am refreshed, on to the new thing, kind of like, Cathy!

Let me say this, I never watch Saturday Night Live, maybe in college a little, but rarely ever now. But I recently saw it and they had this little skit with comic strip Cathy. It was sooo dang HEEE-LARIOUS! It was complete with the frizzy hair, the random "ACK", the thrown bikinis... just like the drawings. Here is the transcript since I can't find the video:

Cathy (Andy Samberg) from the comic strip "Cathy" joins the newsroom to discuss back-to-work blues. She has a case of the Mondays and can't fit into any of her bikinis. She says being at work is like being asleep, "Wake me when I'm a size 5." She says she's told to eat a well-rounded diet. She hates diets so she's well rounded. Throughout, Cathy pulls her hair to the sides and delivers her trademark "Aack!"
Well, one last word on Twilight (until the movie comes out, because I will definately be commenting then). Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun transcript (which is Twlight written from Edward's point of view) got leaked. She was so distrought over this, that she decided she may never be able to finish the book. I am so upset by this, at LEAST she what was leaked, and even though it is incomplete and unedited, it is still a good read (I haven't read it all yet though). You can decide for yourself, by going HERE!!!

painting by Jean Weiner

My post would not, could not be complete without a bit of randomness. Aparrently, PETA has contacted Ben and Jerry's (phish food is my fav, hint hint) to follow the actions of a Swiss restraunteer and exchange the cow's milk they use for human breast milk. My first thought on this was... "EWWW!" My second thought was, "How much would they pay... since I still have not weaned my little one yet?" My third thought was, "Bad, Lisa, BAAAD! Come on, that's disgusting don't think that!" Then, after a couple more thoughts, I have come to the conclusion, that it IS truly disgusting and there is no way the US would allow it anyways. So we are safe. Even though PETA DOES make excellent points about the male calves and the overbreeding and poor conditions of milk cows (except on smaller farms), it just isn't humanly ethical. (and to think I donated to PETA when I was in middle school). Don't believe me? Read it HERE for yourself!

onesie by Mama Monkey

Also, blogging has been very difficult for me to do lately. Whenever I try to copy and paste or edit html, move pictures around or create links, for some crazy reason, my computer will take that link and inject it right smack dab in the middle of some random paragraph, or worse, right in the middle of some other code. At first, I thought it was blogger, so I started to do this in another format and then paste everything into blogger, but it messed up there too, it is definately an internet provider meltdown, among other things. Also, half of the links/images I DO try to include isn't being accepted, so I have to delete part of my cute posts, and then it is just all jumpy and even MORE random sounding. This has been a huge, time consuming headache, so I can't really feature as much awesome stuff that I typically would have :(

I suppose, my fair ones, I should reveal the earrings winner, as well as which photo was the one chosen to be published. Thanks to all who participated, as well as who voted for the first one, since I was in it... maybe you were just trying to get on my good side, eh! Well, the photo that was published was the guy pic #2 and the winner is... no, I'm NOT going to type the lame drumroll thing... Aurora! Actually, she was 3rd, the first two I drew didn't have contact info on their profiles, so make sure next time, you post it with a profile with info or leave a contact email.

Oh real quick, I saw this blog post of the wonderful Always Amy, and I just had to link it. She shows how she organized her crafty goodness! Check out her gorgeous rotary phone!

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aurora said...

Seriously? Me? Maybe you have two 'aurora' blog friends. That would be my luck! Well, 'yay, me!' if it IS me. They are gorgeous. ;)

Oh, and although I think that Breast Milk ice cream is basically repellent, I would love it if my kids wore the t-shirt, 'my mom is not a cow.' ;)

eeniemoni said...

oh man, can you imagine breast milk ice cream??? ewwwwww. I'd rather completely give up ice cream, although the thought of that makes me have a slight panic attack.
great blog!

Maria Rose said...

I am not a huge fan of PETA, as a full on vegan, but they are trying to shock you with the idea, not seriously advocating it.

Little Lovables said...

I totally agree maria, it's mostly publicity and to make people think, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

HA HA!!!!!!!!!

girl... this is some funny shizzle!!! i love your blog!!!!

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