Friday, September 12, 2008

"Baby Hurt"

So, I was online in the Etsy labs with Matt's discussion addressing resellers, and what we can do to prevent them. All of a sudden, Caleb starts crying (he is sitting right next to me, playing with my toe, I am rubbing his cute little head.) I look, and I see Isaac has a huge, sharp pair of fabric scissors in his hands. Caleb has a little dab of blood on his forehead, so I pick him up, wipe it off and I see no cut.

scissor shirt by Phipps Art

I am comforting him (have taken the scissors away of course), so I begin to nurse him as I look for the cut, and I see nothing. I look up and all of a sudden, Caleb and I are DRENCHED in blood! I immediately start sweating like a mad women, pick him up and rush him to the bathroom. I put him in the bathtub and am searching his body for the wound... he is so covered in blood, that I can't find anything. (Keep in mind, that he is not crying at this point... he is actually playing with the blood as if it is fingerpaint). Isaac is running around saying "baby hurt, baby owie, baby got cut"! My dog is barking, weaving in and out of my feet (tripping me as usual) as I search for compresses and medical tape.

scissor necklace by Mack

Well, after I jump in the shower with Caleb to rinse him off, I find the cut is on one of his fingers. It's quite deep and definately a good chunk is gone. I am panicking, on the verge of crying, still sweating. I jump out of the shower and am trying to compress the wound, I can't find medical tape, so I grap clear packing tape and I tape the gauze down around his finger, and around his whole dang arm to keep the sucker on, because he keeps ripping it off. We get dressed in non bloody clothes and I rush him to our local Care Now. Running down 3 flights of stairs with 2 kids while having a near heart attack, in flip flops and wet hair is no fun, mind you.

band aid sugar cookies by KukisKukas

I get to Care Now, and the Dr. ends up being a former high school acquantiance. Yeah, I am majorly feeling like an ugly failure right now. I am there for over an hour, trying not to tie my rambunctious 2 year old up, all the while, filing out paper work AND holding the compress on my baby's hand. Well, I asked the Dr. do you ever have to stitch babies up this young? She looked a little embarrassed and quietly said, "he is the youngest I have ever needed to stitch up." So, a couple hours later, we are home, with antibiotics, 3 stitches (really looks like it needs a couple more). Great. Give me the mom of the year award right now. Well, it turns out someone DID give me a little blog award! So, once I clear my mind, I will post all of that info and hand out some blog awards myself.

stiched wrist cuff by Greenbelts

As a side note, in my defence, I DO recognize that having a crafting business entails lots of little dangerous things that accumulate around the house. Just the other day, Isaac got into my jewelry supplies and dumped out all my small metal findings. Hubby and I spent a good 3 hours picking tiny pieces out of the carpet. I have locked things up, put them high on shelves in hidden drawers out of reach, installed baby gates and childproof locks. I take great care in putting items such as these away after use, and yet these things still happen. I have actually gotten rid of many things (including furniture) in order to have a safer home, and I am at a loss right now. I am even considering just getting rid of everything and calling it quits. It is a very tough decision, and I am really trying to figure out what to do here. Any advice would be helpful. Advice or sweets. Or liters of root beer. If you would like to send me cookies for my crazy day, feel free to email me. I like brownies as well. A massage at a day spa would be most welcome.

photo by Boopsie Daisy



Leah said...

I've just discovered your blog and I love it! hope that little finger gets better quickly!

Andrea said...

I am so sorry! I know how you feel! Tessa was taking the bath the other day when she landed bottom first on a hard plastic toy. it ended up cutting her on the inside of her you know. I felt so bad ans still feel bad. you sit there and think what do people think of me?!?! but then i remind myself kids are kids crazy things happen. I am glad to hear that he is ok! We need to get together sometime. We miss you guys!

Little Lovables said...

Thanks Leah, I am glad you found me! I had posted a picture of the bloody scene, but my husband thought it would look terrible, like I was not being a good mommy for taking a picture of him. But really, I was snapping the pic as I was reaching for bandages!

Cathe Holden said...

I'm so sorry for the injury and your worst-mom-award feeling, but with this hysterical blog post, I do believe you have redeemed yourself. What a crack up, I am on the edge of my seat reading about finding the actual point of blood leakage on your baby and cute products keep scrolling by in your post. You are pretty darn funny.

rockcreekcreations said...

Well I can't offer you any of your requested items...But I can tell you it has happened to every mom. At some point, something happens that sends us running to the ER or Urgent Care, and makes us feel like Sh*t. If they say it has never happened, they are misleading you.

Crafting and babies is always a tough mix. Keep doing what you have been. Try to organize yourself as much as possible. Container for sharps, container for small things, etc.

And just do the best you can do!

Christina Silverio said...

How frightening! You poor thing! Little ones get into EVERYTHING, I know. There's no way you can protect them from everything in the house (unless you pad every surface and live like a hermit!). Have you tried little lockable containers for the sharp stuff? I think they have them for medicines.
All the best to you! Hope the baby's finger heals quick!

Adriana Whitney said...

Oh my goodness, what a scary moment!
I had to have a studio makeover some months ago. My babies kept getting into my stuff.
I bought cheap book shelves at Ikea and put the danger on top.
I think safety can be reached.
I have a friend that has her scissors attached to a string.

Little Lovables said...

All excellent ideas! I have things high on shelves, but I've got a climber on my hands. I think I will look for those little containers that lock. And putting them on a string, wonderful idea!

MoppetsClosets said...

Poor little guy! But it happens!
Some days I wonder how my fourth child has survived! I don't even want to admit how many times, as a toddler, she came up to me with a mouth full of beads!
And just yesterday she produced some sort of little metal gear out of who knows what and said, "Mom. I found this in my nose. I put it there a whole year ago!" (Which was probably only minutes, but could have been days!)
It happens!

shells said...

I've worked in childcare for ten years and if I've learnt anything, it's that kids are going to get hurt, no matter how close we are watching them. I know how terrifying it is to see that amount of blood come out of such a little person (a toddler I was looking after once tripped and put his tooth right through his lip). As long as everything worked out ok in the end, just chalk it up to experience and a good story!

ching said...

oh.. wow..

i not yet have any children.. but seems I have to read more at this blog to learn before hand.

Katie Lyons said...

I have an 8 month old and am having to baby proof everything constantly. He always finds the things he's not supposed to touch. So don't feel bad, I'm sure plenty of moms have had similar experiences.

maryhanks said...

I remember those days! Now my big kids are grown, married & on their own (22, 25, 27), a 9yr old still but our boo boos are occasional falls from bikes & horses! This too shall pass!

aurora said...

It really is tough to keep everyone safe all of the time. Don't beat yourself up about it. I think that you are doing a wonderful job. Hang in there!

Audrey said...

Oh, Lisa. That sucks. I hope Caleb is feeling better. And don't worry. I have done PLENTY of things to earn a "bad mom award" myself. We just learn through experience. I come back on Tuesday, so see you soon!

Lauren said...

Oh nooo... sorry you had to go through that! We just got out of the ER a couple of days ago because my parents parrot (small but still) dive bombed my two year olds face and pecked him in the eye. Talk about feeling like mom of the year. I have a baby on the way and just shuddered reading your depiction of you running with two small children through the hospital. Eeek.

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