Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inspired Interiors: Bean Bag Chairs

Well, it's been a crazy ride, but we finally made our cross-country move! The nice thing about our new home, is the large finished basement where we can allow the kids to have free reign. Design possibilities allow us to have a more colorful and comfortable atmosphere there. Which is why I was really excited to come across these really neat bean bag chairs from Gone are the old vinyl, soccer ball looking ones from my youth... these are more cozy, stylish, come in an array of colors, patterns, even faux leather and lame. They can also be molded into chairs. I absolutely love the look of the above playroom. Those are definitely within my color palate of turquoise, sage, black and white, kid friendly but with a perfect sense of style for the discerning adult.These would make excellent gifts for the holidays as well, and free shipping for all of my Canadian readers! Be sure to check out their facebook page, for some really neat style ideas.

Lovin' this lavender little girls room! It doesn't take much space or energy to create a cozy reading corner. More adorable pics of this shabby chic room here on Baby Eagle T.
 My two little guys would love to dive in like this!
I love this perfect little reading and activity nook for the kid's basement. An IKEA bookcase, tables and chairs, toy storage and cozy seating in bright colors are a welcome room for any kid.  via
Ever the sucker for orange, this room morphs from little boy to growing kid quite well.  via

I have to say though, I *really* love Bean Bag Boss' metallic chairs. My Elisabeth's room has pops of gold, and I feel that golds and silvers add a touch of class to most any rooms.Would even be pretty in a modern master bedroom.

So, are you digging the new style of bean bag chairs? What's your color preference? These are cozier than the poufs craze of previous years!

*sponsored, paid for post. thank you Bean Bag Boss!

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Home Stars said...

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