Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tufted Headboard and Resin Tortoise Shell Tutorials


I am pretty much in love with most everything Jenny from The Little Green Notebook does. From her tutorials, her interior design projects and the room tours she features, all are an instant hit with me. Though I love me a good tutorial, some have been seen done so many times. But she really takes upholstering and refinishing furniture to a whole new level. Since I have about 5 pieces I need to redo, this is giving me a little, tiny, kick of inspiration.



Lauren said...

Your framed butterflies are FANTASTIC! Where did you find them?

Little Lovables said...

Those aren't mine, they were found at a flea market though.

Some butterfly info here:

and here:

You can find them on ebay and etsy too.

Dee said...

I love your blog. It's sooooo cool. I'm glad I stumbled across it today and I'll definitely visit again. Merry Christmas.

vigilant lense said...

nice blog!!


Jessie said...

She is amazing. :)

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