Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bustle Shuffle

Welcome to my heart.


I Love bustles. I don't know if this comes from my love of all things romantic, victorian, edgy, and just a little bit of {wholesome} burlesque, but I love them.


Maybe it is because I have always loved dressing up and feeling pretty.

elliott elephant

Could be in part to having no fanny and loving that I could have one.

gaia conceptions

Or maybe the thought of it balancing out my little childbearing gut is comforting. Not at all like situps, and sweating for said excersizes.

sisters rose and ruby

Or maybe because what's her name in The King and I didn't care (or know) that the children thought she was fat due to her gigantor skirt (how they missed her teeny waist is beyond me.)

gaudy couture

I think though, it is the tattered lace, the modest disguise of hiding a figure.


Feeling demure and a little bit saucy at the same time.

stacy leigh atelier

So, I decided to make a very very VERY watered down bustle skirt for everyday wear (and also b/c I love the skirt and was trying to figure out a way to make it fit). Even though I do not machine sew, I did just a quick little stitching while I had foils (color) in my hair. (yes, I do foil my own hair late at night when the kids are sleeping so as not to frighten the sweet little beasts.)

I found this great tiered gyspy skirt (you all know the one) in a gorgeous nude color. It was about 10 sizes too big, but I couldn't pass it up. So, I took it home, gathered 2 folds in the very back and created a single back panel over the tag and pinned it.

Then, I simply hand stitched the waistband across the panel and about 3 inches down the back on each side of the fold.

Truly, it was so easy it took about 15 minutes. Now, I have a skirt that fits with a hint of a bustle on the back, but not too crazy like. You may not be able to even tell that a bustle exists.

But I can. And I like it.

If you try this project, you can get some matching tulle, snip the back panel at the top and insert pieces of tulle and lace into your slits in a descending fashion, all bustle like to really poof it out. (Just follow the inspirations of the gorgeous bustle pics I showed above!) I am actually considering doing this to my skirt, or maybe trying it on another one. I have no shame to walk into a grocery store with flip-fops, fitted tshirt and maxxed out bustle skirt.

What do you think, do I dare?


Curtis Collectables :) said...

Awesome skirt. I love how girly it is without showing much skin.

Protege said...

Very beautiful blog, and what a wonderful series of lovely pictures. I love them all. And you did a good job with the skirt.
Thank you so much for stopping by my place.;)

Bejeweled said...

I love bustles too! Just something about how they work with and enhance the body's shape. Cute skirt!! I don't machine sew either, so this was an inspiring project to see.

Anne Marie said...

when I make my skirts, those long ones, I always bustle them in the back....or have the elastic set so it naturally does that.....

to me, there is something about 'substance' on the rear that helps with the curves!

lovely first!

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